Sunday, June 3, 2012

These Shoes were Made for Charging

A tremendous amount of time has been spent developing new and cool gizmos and gadgets, and now a directly proportionate amount of energy is being spent finding alternate ways to power all our stuff. Smaller batteries, solar power, charging stations, thermo-electric power. We have a lot to choose from, and now we may not have to look much farther than our feet.
A guy from Kenya has just come forward with his invention, a device comprised of an incredibly thin chip of crystals that can actually create power as the sole of the shoe is flexed. This energy can be stored for later use, or charge your devices via a thin flexible cord from your shoe to your pocket, all while you walk, run, or jog.
Anthony Matua, the gentleman responsible for this awesome idea tells us that this chip can be inserted inside the sole of any shoe, with the exception of bathroom slippers, and evidently you don’t have to worry which shoes you choose as your “charging” pair as these crystals can also be moved from one pair to another.

So as you walk, you generate pressure and in turn, that pressure generates energy, so it looks as though in the future you may be able to just keep on talking, as long as you are able to keep on walking. Are you listening Nike? I see big things for this technology. The device has been patented and it looks like it may be set to enter the market at a very modest price point. Word is the equivalent of around 46 bucks will buy you a chip with a two and a half-year warranty.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Paper Clips Stand Up on Subway Train

Here’s a video shot on a Rokko Liner in Kobe, Japan, showing how paper clips stand up when the train accelerates and brakers. That is because of electromagnetism leaking through the floor. Oh no! Don’t wear dress to train! Check it out
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iBum Chair

IBum Chair is going to photocopying your ass when you sit on it......(LOL i was laughing while posting this :D). Then, the scanned image of your ass will be printed out at the right of the chair. The thing is activate with a built-in sensor that detects when someone sit on it. WTF?
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Rejected Wii Play Games

Here’s a video of rejected Wii games. Some are interesting some are just mind-numbing.

Bedroom by Nelly Agassi

This is what you call the real bedroom, a room just for a bed. Wow! This bed is going to fit in a lot of people. It was done by Israeli artist Nelly Agassi.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Porsche Hits Bird at 162mph

When you unlucky arrived, there’s no way to avoid it, even bird can crash on your windshield when driving. This Porsche is at At 260 km/h (162 mph) when hitting the bird, bird crash into the car and spread like a minced meat ew!!! Try to imagine that shit spread on your face, of course that is better than glass. Anyway, that’s good enough to show how fast Porsche is.

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GM with Segway to Produce Self-Balancing PUMA

GM partnered up with Segway, Inc. is making this P.U.M.A. It is more like a sit down version of Segway and can carry two passengers with a top speed of 35mph and a range of 35 miles. Check out the video......

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bus Shelters Announces Your Weight

No I’m not going to sit on that alone, it is going to show out your weight to the public, I’m sure there are lots of passer-by. Lol. Some bus shelters in Amsterdam have been installed with weight meters. But somehow that’s cool.

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The Bloc 100

The Bloc 100 is made by Fitzsu. It is a single block of wood carved into 100 matches. When you need the light, just pluck one and strike it across the base of the cube, pssshh!, you’ve got a fire. Not cheap though, it could be the most expensive matches ever, $48. I can get up to a thousand boxes of normal matches with that.

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Arm Wrestle Mania

There is nothing quite like the testosterone-filled moments of arm wrestling to establish who is the alpha male in the pack, and for those who lack the bicep power to overcome the opponent, how about settling for a game of Arm Wrestle Mania? The winner is the person who is able to tap their player’s button as fast as they can, and whoever is fastest will beat their opponent into submission. The crowd will cheers as the announcer proclaims, “Winner!” - talk about a true test of reflexes and speed. This 5″ x 8″ toy is powered by a trio of AA batteries, retailing for $24.95.